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Workshop on decommissioning for research reactors

From 7 to 8 October 2019, the Dalat Nuclear Research Institute (DNRI) coordinated with Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) to organize the Workshop on Decommissioning for Research Reactors successfully. Korean experts from KAERI and NUCOMM Company (nuclear decommissioning) together with 25 staff of Reactor Center participated in the Workshop.

Mr. Luong Ba Vien, Deputy Director of the DNRI delivers opening remarks

At the Workshop, Korean experts have presented the topics related to regulatory requirements, plans and engineering in decommissioning and decontamination for research reactors in Korea. In particular, the lessons learned in decommissioning and decontamination for TRIGA Mark II reactor with power of 250 kW operated 36,000 hours and TRIGA Mark III reactor with power of 2 MW operated 55,000 hours in Korea were presented by Mr. Park Seungkook. The representative of reactor center staff presented current status of DNRI and primary decommissioning plan for the Dalat Nuclear Research Reactor (DNRR).

Korean expert is making a presentation at the Workshop

Through the Workshop, all participants could understand better about planning and decommissioning, decontamination techniques for research reactors, especially TRIGA Reactors of Korea. The knowledge and experience of decommissioning and decontamination of Korean research reactors are considered as typical and completely applied to the DNRR in planning, organization and management of decommissioning and decontamination plan in the future.

Regarding the decommissioning and decontamination activities for the DNRR, a preliminary plan was established in 2011 and will be updated under the Ministerial research project during 2020-2021. The main issues of this project will be carried out, including: update of the decommissioning and decontamination plan, cost estimation and detailed engineering data collection by measurement of material samples taken from the reactor as well as by theoretical calculation by using computer codes as MCNP and ORIGEN. The DNRR was built in early 1960s, from 1984 to the present, especially after implementing full core conversion at the end of 2011, the reactor has been operating and exploiting effectively. Although, the preliminary plan for decommissioning and decontamination of the DNRR has been established with initial data but after each ten years of operation, the data need to be updated. Apart from the operation and utilization, the preparation for decommissioning and decontamination plan for DNRR should always be paid attention in legal framework as well as planning and techniques.

Mr. Nguyen Kien Cuong introduces to the DNRI’s activities

Also at the Workshop, representative of Directors Board of DNRI, Reactor Center staff and experts discussed about the mechanism, method in cooperation on decommissioning and decontamination for the research reactors between DNRI/VINATOM and KAERI together with INCOMM Company. There are some directions can be performed such as ODA funding of Korean Government, bilateral cooperation between VINATOM and KAERI; organization meetings or workshops through the National Nuclear Science and Technology Conference or scientific projects; bilateral cooperation with NUDECOMM to consult in implementation of the decommissioning and decontamination plan for the DNRR.

Taking a commemorative photo at DNRI

The Workshop had initial results on the general introduction to decommissioning and decontamination for research reactors and discussion of future cooperation between the DNRI, VINATOM with KAERI and NUDECOMM Company in the future. Mr. PARK Seungkook, head of Korean delegation sincerely thanked the DNRI for the welcoming and successful organization of the Workshop.


Translated by Nguyen Kien Cuong

Source: Dalat Nuclear Research Institute

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